July 3rd. … first day of Dog Days. It has been too hot and dry for several weeks. Hopefully the hurricane now off the Carolina coast will bring a bit of rain but it is probably too far away. I suppose I should be wary of what I wish for, though.

Is anyone truly surprised by the recent Supreme Court rulings? If the misdeeds of this high court can ever be undone, it will take many, many years.

Medicare for all Americans is a fair and just proposal.

Sammy’s birthday presents from granny and me came via FedEx yesterday. We got him a picnic table and a Batman coffee mug, both made in China. He loves that darned bat!

Tomorrow is Independence Day in America. I find it very difficult to celebrate in this age of corporate ownership of We The People.

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  1. Sammy has the best granny and papaw in the world. 🙂
    Happy Independence Day for my American friends!

  2. Happy 4th, but I know what you mean !
    Hope you get some rain .

    • Thank you, Sandy. Happy 4th to you and Don.

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