Chewing cud

My eyes are at last clearing a little. I owe some of you folks email and I will get to them in a day or so … I hope.

I watched (as best as the eyes allowed) a few movies last week. I always like Morgan Freeman flicks so I watched The Magic of Belle Isle. It wasn’t a great movie but it was worth watching. I also watched a documentary about Edward Snowden and the content of the NSA  documents concerning domestic spying by our government. I also saw two of my favorite movies from the eighties: The Gods Must Be Crazy and The Blues Brothers.

We got the Escape repaired. It had bad wheel bearings. Hopefully I can soon get out on some weekends and make a few photos. I haven’t driven a car in nearly two years but I think it is time. The mountains call me and I damn sure need to find a bit of contentment in their shaded slopes.

We also got two medical bills paid off from Carolyn’s hospital stay back in 2009. We still like two more.

For me. growing old has been like a happy drunk stumbling around in the dark and suddenly finding myself up to my nose in a cesspit.

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  1. I missed your blog. Good that the Escape is repaired. Many happy trips to your hills, my friend. 🙂

  2. At least your car is not a GM. Do they ever have problems.

    I am paying $25 a month on my doctor bills. It wil be a long time before they are ever paid.

    Driving will seem to be a new piece of freedom.

    • I think there is a recall on our Ford Escape, too. Something about the seats.
      Carolyn is paying $50 month on her surgeon’s bill. It is not half paid for yet.
      I am a bit leery about driving but I gotta make myself take the plunge.
      Thanks, Mark. 🙂

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