Good bye, Mr Anderson

Eye drops

Eye drops

I feel better today than I have since before the pneumonia. I slept well last night with the help of a Xanax tablet and my eyes are allowing me to write this short blog post if nothing else. The weights on my knees are working but I don’t know how far they will go with straightening the leg. Anyway, I was able to walk better this morning and I can tell the leg feels stronger.

I’ve had some good porch time the past two mornings. The worst distraction is that there is a patch of white clover blooms in front of the porch but I have yet to see a honey bee on any of them. When I was a lad, white clovers with their attending honey bees were a bane to this barefoot boy; it was normal to be stung on the feet several time each week. Alas, the bees are all but extinct from some places and it is saddening that we so much ignore our natural world.

The title is my favorite quote from the movie The Matrix.


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  1. Therapy with the weights helps. I’m happy, my friend. Love when your days are so good.
    Photo is perfect. A piece of your daily life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Glad you are doing better, a long haul huh ?
    I remember the bee stings also as a child, never wore shoes in the summer, had feet like leather, now can’t step on anything without it hurting, darn ! I wear shoes all the time except when I am sleeping in case I have to dash out the door in a hurry in an earth quake or something like that.
    Hope the weather is OK,you never know what is going to happen or where anymore do you ?
    Have a good weekend, we are staying home or in town.
    Best to you and family !
    Sandy Sue

  3. By the way, you have a nice view !

  4. Bees going away has bad consequences for all of us and the gov’t seems not to care one bit. Odd.

    Figure a few more months on the knee sure but slow.

    Sleep machine but I feel like a cyborg.

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