Mid-May already

Feeling pretty good except for my blurry eyes and perpetually sore knees. I bought ten pounds (4.5 kg) of weights to place on my new knee while the leg is stretched between two chairs. Doctor wants me to have the knee crushed again but as long as soreness from fluid is there it won’t do much good because I cannot do the exercises properly.

Have you heard the old saying “he looks like he is knocking on death’s door”? I don’t think I have been knocking on his door but I do believe I have been slumming around his neighborhood too much recently.

The boys are growing. Jaden is at eighteen pounds (8.1 kg), Mason is thirty-four pounds (15.4 kg), and Sammy is thirty-five pounds (15.9 kg). Sammy’s hair has turned a dark copper color.

When a fifteen month old little boy (Mason) walks into a room full of unused but familiar laps and comes to me to pick him up and then puts his head against my chest and his arms around my neck, it makes me feel like I have been doing something right with my life.

A plague of locusts. That is about all that is left to hit California where Jeremy and Courtney are living. So far this year they have had earth quakes, drought, flash floods, wild fires, and searingly dry winds.

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  1. I don’t know what I would do without you, your notes and your blog. Your words about you and Mason are beautiful. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life, my friend.
    My last days were rather bad. Hard work in the office and my left breast has been sore and swollen for 2 days (sometimes it happens). I should repeat my tests and hope to do it in June.
    10 am here in Warsaw. Sunday. Sunny and dry weather at last (previous week was rainy and cold). I’m going to prepare pancakes with cream and fresh strawberries.
    Despite all our problems life is good, and actually this is my deepest faith and my simple every day philosophy.
    Beautiful Guns and Roses song.

  2. Surprisingly no real pollen issues this year, just the usual sinus problems I have everyday.

    Little kids are great. Its only when we get older some of the fun fades.

    My knee still bothers me sometimes. Feel weak like it wants to give out.

  3. Where is my comment

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