“… as virginal as the first daffodil of spring”

March daffodils

March daffodils

The photo was made yesterday in evening sun. First time I have used the big Pentax in nearly a year. Felt good to hold it. Little hands have surely been at it as the power switch was turned on, the batteries were dead, and every dial and switch on it was changed. I’ll need a new hiding place for it. Here are the same daffodils from last February 15.

The U.S. Congress; that august body has been wandering in the wilderness for decades, worshiping Gods of Mammon, and always just beneath the radar of blame.

Pretty weather here in the hills but the air is cool. Seems like nature is once again making us wait until the last moment for glorious spring.

It doesn’t bother me that I am but the second most interesting man in the world. This guy claims to be the most, most interesting.

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  1. We have Calla lilies blooming and that azalea in the patio has bloomed for 3 months now, so strange ! now will see if we get any hydrangea’s to bloom, only one last year. and no Lillie’s of the Nile at all.
    Had a little rain last night, sunny today. It is heating up in the California Valleys, that is not good, they need rain and time is running out.
    Enjoyed seeing you daffodils.

    • Our hydrangeas bloom only in summer.
      CA spans such a long coastline it is no wonder there is so much difference in weather patterns from north to south. Maybe El Nino will smooth things out a bit.
      Thanks, Sandy

  2. I smile when I read about little hand which found and touched your camera. πŸ˜‰
    Love your golden daffodils. It’s too cold in Poland for such bloom but I could see modest bunches of daffodils from glasshouse. Hope to buy one of them tomorrow.
    Cool air here too. My bones are sore. But sunny light causes that I’m in good mood.
    I see this ad first time!

    • Mason is the one who gets into everything; it is amazing what his hands can get to.
      Hope you do get some nice blooms for your home.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

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