My view from the far left

I wonder if anyone has asked the N.S.A. if they know where the lost plane is? If they don’t know, Google probably does.

Seems like CNN News very much wants the missing plane to be the result of terrorism. I watched about thirty minutes of their coverage last evening and became a bit nauseous as the anchor kept leading his panel back to the hijacking theme when they strayed from the subject a bit.

Speaking of NSA (National Security Agency), I think it hellishly funny that the Senate of the U.S. thinks they are being spied on by the agency. Hearings into the abomination are under way in D.C. It’s about time the worm turned; Congress has always ok’d the spying by “intelligence” agencies on the lives of we everyday public as a security priority but when they may be targets themselves, they scream “foul” and needlessly spend tons of money to find out the “facts”. The facts are that each screamer is probably guilty of some nefarious deed which the public should know about but they have kept covered under their top secret security umbrella. Phooey!

Why do we need a Homeland Security and a Defense Department? Why not allow Homeland Security to take care of homeland security and rename Department of Defense back to its moniker of War Department which it carried until 1949? After all, it is best at making war, especially in and on small countries who have a lot of oil and few soldiers.

Let’s kiss and make up with Cuba.

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  1. My heart dances with daffodils. Absolutely beautiful!

    • I like the poem, too.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. I agree with everything, including making up with Cuba !

    • Pure politics is all that is keeping us and Cuba from being close once again.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  3. I want to go to Cuba.

    Diane F is a fool. She is all for spying on you and I but she is off limits, ha. There is no privacy anymore.

    Bet roasting in the sun in Cuba with a rum drink would do you wonders.

    • I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba.
      Thanks, Mark.

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