Chocolate as a fruit

Johnson City's best kept secret

Johnson City’s best kept secret

I recall Seaver’s bakery ‘fried pies’ from when I was a small boy. On Fridays when Paul’s Rolling Store came around, Mom would buy either a half dozen donuts or a few of these pies. After Paul left to go to the next house, Mom and I would sit in the living room listening to the radio and eating our treat along with a grape or orange soda. The packaging in the photo is still basically the same as it was sixty years ago. Back then, the pies were fruit filled but chocolate and one or two other fillings were added to the product line. Not long after I was married, we rented a house just up the street from the bakery which is still in business today. It was a good place to live if you like baking scents, which I strongly loved. They were generally known as fried pies but they were actually baked. My favorites are cherry, pineapple, blueberry, and chocolate. Those moments alone with my grandmother, sharing fresh baked treats and our favorite soda flavors will be in my best memories as long as I have recollections. Photo made with HTC phone camera.


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  1. Funny, I just bought some pie similar to those, (Chocolate), the other day, reminded me of when I was really poor with 3 little kids to feed and I used to treat myself now and then with one of those pies,about 15 cents i think.
    This was in the early 60’s. I told Don that I was going back in time when I bought them this week, Do not want to bring back the bad times but did enjoy those pies !
    We are getting a break from the rain right now, more on the way. so far so good on the highways holding up, if they don’t we are like an Island here. Keep dry and warm.

    • I am happy you had some tolerable memories from the pies, Sandy. They cost only a nickel around here back in the day and a soda was also five-cents.
      Hope the weather is favorable to y’all.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  2. It’s amazing that the packaging is still the same. So nice short story, my friend.
    Photo is good. Hope you like your HTC camera. πŸ™‚

    • I am not used to the camera; I still want a eye-piece view finder.
      Thanks, Jola πŸ™‚

  3. You see homemade versions of these in convenience stores and gift shops. Chocolate seems to be the most popular flavor.

    I like the simple packaging.

    • I had peach pie this morning. I like the chocolate if it is fresh.
      Thanks, Mark.

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