I was able to accomplish something yesterday which I thought was going to permanently elude me; I walked without crutches or cane or any kind of aid. I also found out I have a very long way to go to get it done right. Just a few steps is a beginning.

Jeremy sent us a set of coasters with some of my flower photos on them. They are beautiful and we are very grateful that he thinks of us. Granny was all teary-eyed again. We love Jeremy and Courtney and wish we could see them.

It has once more turned winter in the knobs. Carolyn’s daffodils are just now out of the ground but this time last year they were in bloom. It is going to be a great spring!

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  1. Yay for you !
    We are getting some rain in really northern California but not much in the south, we have never quite decided if we are in Oregon or California here, even a threat to break off from California now and again but don’t think Oregon wants us ! We have State and National Parks all around us, not much tax money comes in from here. Beautiful place but poor., but been here 53 years so guess we will stay, it did support our family.
    Hope you have an early spring back there and normal weather for the rest of the year, what ever that means now days, huh ?

    • Your area must be a lot like Appalachia. We are a poor but proud people. It is still winter here; we had some snow yesterday but the temps are supposed to moderate a bit.
      Thanks, Sandy 🙂

  2. My congrats on these few steps They were so important. It will be good, my friend.
    Sunny days in Warsaw; we expect a great spring too. 🙂

    • The steps weren’t much but every journey begins with a first step.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Flowers out here as well. Maybe snow or ice tomorrow. Going to be close to 70 today.

    Time change next weekend.

    Things are looking good.

    • I need a couple warm days with no wind. Looking fo9rwrd to time change; I hope the powers that be keep it permanent.
      Thanks, Mark.

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