A man and a boy

Thanks to Jeremy, we just finished watching watching Bad Grandpa. We both laughed our butts off. Thanks, Jeremy!

I succumbed to boredom and watched some of the Olympic events on TV. I saw curling, various skiing, speed skating, and some individual women sliding down an icy path on a board, an event known as “Skeleton”. Curling seems like a cross between a game of darts and a game of marbles we used to play as kids except the marbles a flattened, round stones. They must get dirty easily because there is always two people skating ahead of them sweeping the ice as they slide toward the circle and bulls-eye. None of it makes sense because if you knock an opponent’s “stone” out of the circle you don’t get to keep it. Carolyn likes figure skating but it is the ultimate in boredom for me.

We endured Wednesday’s snow storm but there is another due tonight. This winter is trying to make up for a bunch of mild ones we had over the past decade or longer.

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  1. This is rather funny grandpa. Trailer is so promising. 🙂
    I’m like Carolyn; I like figure skating.
    I wish my American friends Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    • Hope you had a good Valentine’s day, my friend.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Seems like there are more movies than time.

    What the hell is curling. Very odd sport. Shuffle board on ice.

    I’ve watched some speed skating, skiing and that is about it.

    • I had a choice of watch Curling or Swamp People so I chose Curling. Winter Olympics can be difficult to watch. Most people in U.S. have played at least one of the summer Olympic sports but not so many have participated in any of the winter-type games.
      Thanks, Mark

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