Ready I Am

I’m ready for the snow storm! Got a candle, a one cell flashlight and extra battery, and kerosene for the space heater; I think there is a strike anywhere match left in the box.. I’m good for the duration.

It was sad to learn about Mark’s dog Summer passing. I was always glad he adopted an older dog from the shelter and he gave her what were probably the best years of her life. Like so many of her breed, she was a gentle soul and even tolerated cats.

I received an interesting comment on my Smokin’ blog from last week. Here is a link to a blog about ginseng and its cultivation. When I was young, I tried to cultivate some of the wild root but all I ever got was stunted plants that died after the first year. Ms. Woods seems to know how to make a good crop and has written a book about it.

A couple of days ago I saw my first robin of the year other than the local wintering flock. One lone male was scavenging in my back yard. Any sign of coming spring is a good sign even if it is tempered by the coming storm.

It has begun to snow as I write this.

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  1. Mark was so good dad for Summer. What a loss. I’m sad too. 😦
    I read the blog. It’s interesting blog about ginseng and people who love their life at Wild Ozark. But where is Wild Ozark?
    Your first spring robin is a joy for my heart too.
    Be well, my friend.

    • The Ozarks are much like the Appalachian but the hills are not quite as elevated but some of them are very rugged. The people there are like me, a lot of hillbillys. Ozarks are located west of the Mississippi River, mostly in Arkansas and Missouri.
      Thanks, Jola.

      • Thanks for these pieces of information, my friend. I have a good map of the USA. I know how to find it; the Ozarks … it’s a nice name. 🙂

      • Ozarks and Appalachians, especially the Appalachian Cumberlands, look much alike but were formed differently.
        Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Oh … the snow storm. Hope you and your family are safe. Raining weather in Poland; awful weather for my sore bones.

    • Keep your bones warm, my friend.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Hi! Thanks for the mention of my book and the link back to the page. If you like, I’ll be happy to help troubleshoot what went wrong with your plants 🙂

    • You are welcome for the mention. My ginseng planting days were back in the ’50’s. I suppose I put the seed in wrong soil and near my house.
      Thanks, Madison.

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