I am happy that CVS pharmacy has decided to refuse to sell tobacco products any longer even though it is a huge financial hit for the huge company. Personally, I use a local, minority owned pharmacy for my prescriptions even though sometimes I pay a little more than I would at CVS or Wal-Mart. My long-time pharmacist is an immigrant from the middle-east and attends a Muslim mosque. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Rush Limbaugh. I am a sixth generation Scots-Irish-German-Swedish American but it makes no difference because I am just plain happy I was born here and allowed to live my life in these East Tennessee hills of America. Brotherhood, y’all.

Weather is a bit crazy which is getting to be the norm since we screwed up the stratosphere. Yesterday we had high winds which—at this time of year—normally means that spring is trying to horn in on winter’s time. No telling what it means these days but it is cold and gray today. Give it up, old man winter and allow baby spring to have its way.

Winter Olympics begin today but I won’t be watching much of it except maybe speed skating; I hate cold and darn sure don’t want to look at it on TV.

New “reality” series on TV about harvesting ginseng. I knew the plant was becoming rare but I didn’t know it was bringing up to one-thousand dollars or more for each pound. I used to sell a bit of it back in the day but the price then was seventy-five to one-hundred twenty dollars per pound and it had to be dried. It takes a lot of the dry roots to make a pound. The big prices these days are for fresh out of the ground product and nearly all that is harvested here is exported to China. I also harvested may apple root and bloodroot. I occasionally see ginseng plants when I am in the woods making photos.

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  1. I will be watching Winter Olympics. I love Winter Olympics. Sochi is beautiful. Actually, there are palm trees in Sochi.
    I didn’t know that you have also Swedish roots, my friend. They invaded Poland in 17th century. It was bad time for my country.
    I think we all need a spring and we all wait for it. 🙂

    • I will have to look for Sochi in a geography book. I never heard of the place until just a few weeks ago.
      I have roots all over Europe, I suppose. My ancestors were magnificent breeders.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. That reality show about the ginseng has sensationalized a lot of the lifestyle. The money is still in the dried roots not the fresh out of the ground. Here in the Ozarks we get the same prices, but it always has to be dried or you’ll get a lot less for the fresh. And the amount they pay varies from year to year and doesn’t always go that high.Usually it starts out under $500 and if the demand is high and supply is low, it goes up a lot before December. I have a book out on how to grow it in a way that the root can be sold as wild. It’s called “Sustainable Ginseng”. More info at my blog ( if you or your readers are interested.

    • Thanks for the info and link to your blog. I will probably purchase the kindle edition of your book as soon as I get time to read it. I will post the link on my blog. The ginseng story is about as interesting as any on herbal medicines.

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