Winter thoughts

I have Win 7 installed along with all my needed programs. I have one major problem which is probably going to cause me to have to redo the entire setup. It is so bad that if I finish this blog in one day, I will be lucky.

When I passed my first kidney stone, a nurse told me that I now know how it feels for a woman to have a baby. All I can say is that if having babies is as painful as having kidney stones, the world population would be a whole lot less than what it now is. Kidney stone pain is constant and can last for hours or even days. Mark recently passed two stones and I wonder how he feels being a mother. After passing my last stone, my buddy Fred asked me what I did with it. I told him that I pissed it away like I did everything else I ever had. All seven of my stones were barely visible and when they moved to my bladder I had no problem passing them.

Another snow here today with schools and many businesses closed. Carolyn probably won’t make it to work tonight. This may turn out to be the first real winter we have had in many years.

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  1. I passed three little stones when I was 19 years old; a bit too early for being a mom. 😉
    Hope you are safe in your warm home. Please take care of yourself and Carolyn.

    • Even tiny stones can be very hurtful while they are moving inside kidneys.
      We are warm and comfortable.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Kidney stones are no fun. Crazy how painful they are.

    • Kidney stoes are the worst continuous pain I ever endured.
      Thanks, Mark.

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