New phone; same old me

I am mentally trying to prepare myself for a task that at one time in my life I rather enjoyed. Now, it is a dreadful storm cloud hanging over me. Because Microsoft is going to stop issuing security updates for Windows XP, I must install Windows 7 in my PC and reinstall all the other software I use. I also have to install a new copy of Quickbooks accounting software for Carolyn’s business needs. I chose to purchase a new hard drive, too. It is a solid state drive and I trust it will be much faster. All this is an expensive upgrade but it is direly needed as Win XP will be of little use in another month or so.  I have the new drive prepared to go into the PC and the software is due to be here today. I will need two long days of hard work to get it all done, that is if all goes ok. Now, to get myself psyched to get it done.

I’ve been needing a new phone for awhile; my old Droid X has become obsolete and stretches its resources just to make a phone call. I found a new HTC One on Amazon for $30 based on a two year contract agreement. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it seems to be much better suited for what I have to do. I hate the contract, though.

Enough for today except to say it is again super cold here.

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  1. What a beautiful song. Thanks for the lyrics, my friend. I want to listen to it many times!
    Windows 7 is in my office PC. It’s Lenovo PC. Windows 7 is very good. I’m happy you want to install it. Two long and busy days. Have a great work. We wan’t disturb you. 🙂
    Similar price of HTC in Poland; and also two year contract.
    Please take care of yourself and Carolyn on these cold days.

    • You are welcome for the song.
      Win 7 is good but my browsers are erratic on it.
      Be good to yourself, young lady. 🙂

  2. GOOD LUCK !

    • Thanks, Sandy. It is done. 🙂

  3. Sorry I don’t understand the language you were speaking in the section of your post.

    Why don’t phones and pc’s, laptops, etc. work on the same languages?

    I think the two year contract is going to go away and you will be able to buy a phone on its merit, not on its contract.

    Cold coming again……………

    • Walmart has a decent deal on no contract phones.
      We had and still have snow from yesterday. Roads a re very slick. I hate the cold.
      Thanks, Mark.

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