Always a song to sing

I well remember the day the music died. However, it has died and been resurrected many times since Buddy Holly’s untimely death in 1959. Actually, the music never dies; it has an underlying heartbeat which cannot be stilled until the last person who can hear it and feel it is gone from this earth. Singers and musicians only translate what the deep music is telling them and every living soul has a different song to sing. What is your soul song?

It seems I am to be a great-grandpa again. I hope this one is a girl.

Damn, I dislike winter.

I hope my Lady Vols and Mark’s Uconn Huskies restart their rivalry. Uconn is at the height of their success and are the major test for any other women’s basketball team. The Lady Vols are no match for the Huskies at present but things between the teams seem to even out over time.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. We have our 8th great Grandchild due tomorrow, a girl, we are propagating aren’t we ?
    It has warmed up today, got 350 gal of oil for the furnace almost ran out, hate the cost ! We also have a wood stove so that helps, IF you have wood !
    Hope it starts warming up all over, hate cold !

    • Is your new great granddaughter well? And the mom? Hope so.
      I’ve never had to buy oil by the tank; we used to use kerosene but only bought a few 5 gallon cans full at a time. I used to cut and sell wood for winter heating. It is expensive but a lot of work goes into making a truck load.
      Thanks, Sandy.

      • Yes, grandaughter arrived safely and is named Jurnie
        Rose. rain on the way tonight, warmed up some. I put a picture of all my 8 greats on flickr.

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