Winter week

When I came home from rehab on Friday, I heard a robin singing. There are still a few robins around but this is the first time I’ve heard on sing in winter. Makes me homesick for spring.

Ran out of medicine over the weekend and along with cold, damp weather, it is making me sore and stiff. Hope I am improved before going to rehab tomorrow. I am writing this post trying to loosen my finger joints a bit.

My internet is very slow today. It must be molasses powered and the cold has it too thick to run through the wiring.

Will Comet Ison be eaten by the Sun? Stay tuned on Nov., 28 to see if it is a survivor or just junk food for old Sol.

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  1. We have been keeping an eye on Ison also, probably better if it hit the sun , will not have to worry about it in the future, we have enough to worry about, don’t we ?
    Hope things are better, sorry about it being so cold, looks like the east coast is really going to get something cold this week, so far we are having fairly nice weather for us in Dec. We always get the feeling we are going to pay for it later !
    Take care,

  2. comets seem to be all over the place these days. 23 here this morning. Maybe some freezing rain.

  3. We expect rather severe winter in Poland. During first really cold days people are scared; later they say: “well, winter is winter”.
    Please take care of yourself. If writing is a good exercise for your finger joints, please write a lot, and we are your loyal readers.

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