Looses Laces: A poultice for your soul


It is 125 days until official spring which is on March 20, 2014.

When I was a school boy, Veterans day was known as Armistice Day and commemorated the ending of World War One. It has never been considered a major holiday by most Americans and nearly all businesses are open on that day. Exceptions are most financial institutions and government agencies. I wish more Americans would remember that freedom isn’t free; the price must be paid in blood, sweat, and tears.

Chris Christie as president of United States? I have a feeling the guy has many ghosts in his closet. Do you reckon he is a tea partier in disguise, a ringer? I’m thinking that is what it will take for a Republican to be elected if the Democrats have a viable candidate. Of course and so far, the Dems have talked up only Hillary and Joe. You remember Joe don’t you? Mr. Biden is our vice-president, in case he has slipped through the floorboards of your memory. Of course Obama Care could kill any chances of any Democrat being elected. This is going to be interesting and nasty election season until next November’s mid-terms.

All is quiet on the home front. The boys are getting over colds and both are rambunctious. Mason will be walking very soon and Sammy is ready to talk if he will just go ahead and do it.

My favorite Halloween movies: E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, I know; Nightmare is a Christmas story but it mostly has Halloween characters.

Over the weekend I watched a couple of Jason Statham movies on Netflix. Lots of blood and killings but for some reason I am drawn to his characters; probably because he doesn’t talk much.

Have a good Friday and a great weekend, my friends!

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  1. Not looking forward to the next election either, mean and expensive ! You may be right about Christie, time will tell, hope it is sooner then later.. We are of the same mind politically.
    Tired of getting these e-mail saying make sure you say Merry CHRISTMAS, and not Happy Holidays. They don’t really want to give up all the stuff that has nothing to do with Christ in Christmas, it was a pagan holiday in the first place but I can talk to them until I am blue in the face and they do not reason it out !
    Hope you and your family have a good Holiday season and get better every day. Love,

  2. Please make a new video of the boys, my friend. I miss them. I like how your wrote it: “All is quiet on the home front”. πŸ™‚
    I think it’s an important lesson for every nation; yes, ” … freedom isn’t free; the price must be paid in blood, sweat, and tears”.
    Thanks for the lyrics. I will come back here tomorrow and follow the video and the lyrics once again.
    Hugs for my American friends.

    • Sammy carries my phone around; it is what I use to make videos. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. Gordon Lightfoot does a great version of the song.

    Veterans Day has never been big as long as I remember. But that is America today. Look at how many places are open on Thanksgiving. Nothing seems sacred anymore.

    Christie is far more of a Republican than people think. He gets press because he runs his mouth. Wait and see. Hillary is not the answer either.

    • I think Gordon Lightfoot wrote the song.
      Hillary is more of the same old same old but no one but an insider seems to be able to get nominated.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. Who gives a fuck not meme

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