Walk Away

My therapist started me on the long journey to walking again. Yesterday he took away my crutches and made me walk with my cane from the gym area to where Carolyn was waiting, about eighty feet (24m) I suppose. He wants me to use the crutches when walking from parking lot to gym and back but use the cane everywhere else except on uneven surfaces. It is very tough going and I tire easily but it is the beginning to an ending, hopefully a good ending.

An old friend whom I had not seen in ten years or longer stopped by the house a few weeks ago. Carolyn was pumping gas and spotted him and next thing I know he was ringing my doorbell. Hoss Fly (Larry Hoss) and I had a good and long reminiscing chat. We were drinking buddies from back in the day and it was goo9d to remember some good times and even some bad times. When you are drinking a lot, even the bad times seemed like fun. I know Alice will remember him.

As I stated when the Affordable Care Act was passed, it isn’t worth a hill of beans without the public option. As it now stands, if you don’t have a job you still have to pay for insurance or do without. If the public option hadn’t been sold out just to get the law passed, it would have provided care for people without the means to pay at, least for awhile. With the unemployment rate at 7.3 percent (August numbers), there are many still without insurance. If it comes to eat or buy insurance, which would you do?

Keep on Truckin’

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  1. I’m happy you try to walk with the cane. 🙂 Two last days so hard for me. Write more tomorrow, my friend.

    • Hope your problem with the coat does not depress you too much.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Glad you are able to walk with the cane.
    yes, I remember Hoss “Fly”
    Keep up the good work and maybe you will be able to walk without the cane by Christmas.

    • I will be on the cane for a long time, I suppose but Christmas is a good goal to work for.
      Thanks, Alice 🙂

  3. Public health care system is poor in Poland so I bought an additional medical insurance. I gives me possibility to get my doctor at once if I only need such appointment. Of course I have enough money to buy a food. Kids, old people and people who’re unemployed are under special protection of our government. However I must admit the allowances in my country are low so it’s always better to work; high level of unemployment (14%) is great social problem and being unemployed people treat as a kind of disaster.
    Love the video. 🙂
    Keep on walking, my friend!

    • For a young republic, Poland seems to do well with its welfare system. Of course and like the USA, it could use a lot of improvement. Unemployment in USA is higher than reported.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

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