Winter winds

Lyrics for Four Strong Winds

Catching up a bit. Last Friday I managed to fall off the bottom step of the porch and onto concrete walk, gravel, and Smiling Buddha. My head hit Buddha and the rest of me hit on my left side and away from the new knee. Buddha is fine and still smiling; I have a knot and small cut on my forehead where my hairline used to be. I was on my way to rehab and they took it easy on me after I told my story. The therapist made up for it Tuesday; I had appointment with knee surgeon for a checkup and rehab had me come into their clutches thirty minutes beforehand to make sure the leg was as straight as possible. After the surgeon visit, I went back to rehab for another hour and one-half of hard work. When I was allowed to escape, I felt terrible; sore and weary. Prior to this, I always felt better after exercises than I did before. I don’t go back until next Tuesday.

The boys have been over the past two Sundays and they are growing and learning so fast. Sammy can talk some but would rather jabber in Sammy-speak. Mason is starting to fight Sammy when he is bothering him; going to be some fine rumbles pretty soon.

We had a freeze last night and tonight is supposed to be our first hard freeze if last night wasn’t already one. I went to doctor for checkup and could not wait to get back home to my warm house.

Living on these crutches is very bothersome; it wasn’t terribly bad before surgery when i was resigned to using them for a long time but now that I can foresee a future without them makes me want to throw them down and walk like a man.

For anyone interested in rock n’ roll history, Amazon Prime has a documentary movie titled Sound City “Directed by Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), SOUND CITY tells the story of rock n’ roll’s greatest recording studio, and the musical magic it continues to inspire.”
I recommend it as a must see for all true rockers. I could not find it on Netflix but outtakes can be found on Youtube.

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  1. Hey, cut out that falling business ! Other then that hope you are getting closer to walking, you are in my thoughts as fall and winter are approaching. We are having a lot of fog here in far west northern California in the Redwoods. Some leaves are turning but mostly just green all year.
    Take care, miss you on flickr.

    • It is beginning to settle into winter here and will seem a lot like it when the time changes tonight.
      Flick isn’t working well on my PC. The last photo I posted let me answer comments for awhile but now it will not.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  2. You work hard and I’m sure you will be walking, my friend. It will be great day if you write us about it on your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love your sense of humour. “Buddha is fine and still smiling … “. Excellent!
    Last days of October are sunny and mild. It’s hard to believe that it’s such warm autumn in Poland. My soul and my bones love it.
    I can say like Sandy: you are in my thoughts, I miss you if you don’t write your blog.

    • I will be so tickled when i can walk without the crutches. I’ve been on them 2.5 years now.
      Hope the good Warsaw weather keeps going, my friend.
      Thanks, Jola. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks for Neil Young video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I read someplace that was one of Neil’s favorite songs.

    Um, no falling allowed. Bad things can happen. At least you see the day with crutches in your future. i know that was not even on the radar all that long ago.

    I need to see Dave’s movie. I have heard great things about it. He is one of my favorite people in all of rock music. He always looks to be having fun.

    • Dave is almost always smiling. He made a darn good documentary about the mixer and the studio.
      Thanks, Mark.

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