Rolling on the River of Time

Not much happening on the home front. The boys are growing faster than I dreamed they could. Seems like my grand kids were babies forever. Well, they will always be our babies.

I have missed several birthdays and anniversaries in the past ten days. The 19th was the anniversary of of my late friend’s birth; Happy Birthday, Fred. That same day was Fred’s and Alice’s wedding anniversary and it was also their daughter’s—Vanessa— birthday. Happy Birthday, Vanessa. Happy Birthday to my Bride who was born on the twentieth.

Tree leaves, like the season itself, are slowly changing color. Tulip poplars in my yard are turning bright yellow and brown.

The knee is coming along slowly and the angle to being straight is minus twelve degrees. The therapists are now going to work the knee until I reach my maximum pain threshold. That should get the leg close to zero degrees within a few weeks. I hope to be walking a bit with a cane by Christmas. They have me doing more exercise at home; it is time consuming and sometimes exhausting but I need much more leg strength and overall endurance. I have been off narcotic pain pills for a week; I didn’t use one before rehab yesterday. I may try to drive the Escape in about another week.

After rehab yesterday, we ordered take-out cheeseburgers from The Cottage. It was about 5:30 pm and I was able to see and talk with some of my pals from the days when I was a very frequent visitor to the drinking and dining delights of the place. It did my heart good to see these guys and shake their hands. It was only a minute before the old days were brought up and lost memories came back for me. Sony, Wayne, Mike, and Phil: I was happy to see y’all once more. Bill would have been there but like myself, he is recovering from knee replacement surgery. I cannot understand why they have aged so much but I am still the same as i was in 1985. I was a regular at The Cottage from 1974 until the mid nineteen-nineties.

I am now going to check the TV and see if my Tennessee Vols will be shown. The team they play today is no match for them but I still gotta watch if they are on.

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  1. I want to be at The Cottage too. It seems to be a typical American place where we can eat and spend time with our friends, and where the prices don’t ruin our wallet. It was good that you could see some of your pals. So it was your rehab and social day; that’s great. 🙂
    I’m happy the things are getting better with your knee. Ride by the Escape in about another week?! God … it’s amazing, but please be careful, my friend.

    • You would love the Cottage, my friend. It is just as you described it.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yes, you Vols are being broadcast today. Go Vols.

    • You are welcome, Alice.
      The Vols barely hung on to win.

  3. Glad the knee is coming along. I am sure you are glad to see the progress.

    When I lived in New Haven there was a place like the Cottage across the street from my house. I was called The Village Inn. Mostly local guys during the day and a mix of them and college students at night. Great little place. I remember on Halloween a guy came in dressed as a penis that would shoot out whipped cream. 🙂 They also had a gumball machine filled with pistachios. Loved those red fingers

    • You pretty well describe the Cottage. We had a guy dressed like a flasher; he would throw open his raincoat and a huge rubber penis would flop out. I’m glad it didn’t shoot anything out of it.
      It is only a few blocks from E.T.S.U..
      I never ate pistachios until a few years ago. I like them but they are expensive.
      Thanks, Mark.

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