The people we meet along the way

The first time I saw ‘Mary” was one day while returning to my room at rehab. She was in a wheelchair in front of the nurse’s station with her arms raised in the air and moving them much like a 60’s flower child at a “Dead” concert. She looked to be in her thirties and had long and straight brown hair. Her eyes were closed as if she were lost in some far-away place. Carolyn and I got by her and went on to my room, neither of us paying the young lady too much attention.

A few days later while I was waiting for lunch to be served, I was shaving with my electric Norelco when I heard someone entering the room; it was Mary. I was shaving my left cheek and she wheeled her chair up beside me and began making circular motions in the air with her left hand. I stopped shaving and she said “check the other side; I just shaved it for you”. I was taken aback when she continued “I’m a witch, you know?”. Carolyn was there and we all talked a bit about witches and witching in general. I almost forgot about the shave when she again asked me to check my cheek to see if it was shaved. I rubbed my fingers over my skin and the whiskers were still there but not wanting to disappoint her I put on my best “amazed” look and told her they were gone and i thanked her.

Next time and the last time I saw Mary was in the rehab gym. Carolyn and I had just wheeled into the room when Mary again came up beside me. She looked at me and said “I would marry you sometime”. Again I was surprised at the brief statement but sputtered that I was flattered by her words and that she would be a fine woman for any man. It was one time when my spouse had nothing to say for a few minutes. Before Mary could say anything else, her nurse found her and wheeled her away. We found out a few days afterward that her daughter had taken her home later that same day.

Not much of a story but Mary is someone that Carolyn and I will always remember. I hope she heals and that she will always keep doing good deeds and saying the right words; the world needs many good witches.


Tomorrow is surgeon checkup and Friday is appointment with my regular doctor. Knee is still very sore and the leg will not straighten more tan what it was two weeks after surgery. I am disappointed and losing my belief that I will ever walk again.

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  1. Good Story, meeting people like Mary does stay with you in a positive way ! Sorry about your knee not working, but keep positive it will happen one way or an other that you will walk again.
    I am having trouble with my eyes or eye lids that do not always want to open, already have had an operation to lift them but it did not work,It is a nerve thing that my dad and his mother had. I feel pretty discouraged at times but at least I can see out of my eyes even if my lids go down and I have to lift them up to see a lot of the time. I am a visual person as you may have guessed.
    Any who, enjoy what does work and you are in my thoughts.
    Sandy ❀

    • The few encounters with Mary will stay with me for many years. I think the knee will heal properly but the soreness is sometime unbearable.
      Hope your eyes improve; I can’t imagine being in darkness.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  2. She liked you. Her intuition told her that you’re a good man. Witches know many things by intuition. I like your story, my friend.
    Please talk with your doctors about all details, and please don’t lose your hope. Be patient. Do your exercises. I think of you and wait for a a good turning-point. πŸ™‚

    • Meeting people such as Mary is inspirational.
      The good turning point will come when I can cope with the pain without using narcotics.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. Quote:It was one time when my spouse had nothing to say for a few minutes.
    Your good sense of humour, as always. πŸ™‚

    • My sense of humor has been strained lately but it is intact.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  4. Whatever Mary was in there for at least she produced positive vibes and that can only be a good thing for all. The world can use more of those vibes.

    You will walk again A day is soon coming when you will do something and realize “Wow, have not been able to do that for a long time”.

    Positive vibes, my friend. Send some to yourself.

    • I can see and feel changes each time I go to therapy. If the pain would moderate to where I could work with the positives it would be a reasonably fast recovery.
      Thanks, Mark.

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