For what it’s worth

Last Sunday I committed the sin of sins. Last Sunday I forgot that it was my bride’s and my wedding anniversary. It was the first time in forty-nine years that I have forgotten it. The only thing that saved me from stormy feminine wrath is that Carolyn also forgot it. She always forgets it. However, I could tell that she was disappointed that I did forget.  I too am ill at ease about it. It is bad enough to forget but I just do not feel that I am old enough to be losing so much memory so quickly. Scary it is.

Been off methotrexate for two weeks now and I am feeling it. Sore fingers feel like sausage links, swollen joints reducing circulation and it is ten days to go until surgery and two weeks after that before i can go back on the pills. Then it will be three or four more weeks before they are once more effective. “I am a man of constant sorrow” but if I forget another anniversary, I will have to start drinking alcohol again for solace and that will ease some RA pain, too.

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  1. Last Sunday, so it was 30 of June. Forty nine years. That’s great, my friend. My congrats on your wedding anniversary and my best wishes for both of you. 🙂
    You will not forget another anniversary and you will not start drinking alcohol again. You will good boy. 😉 BTW, I wonder how I could tolerate alcohol in my house in past. Fortunately it ended up definitely in 2005. What a relief!

    • I even got the date wrong on the blog; it was actually last Saturday, June 29th. :-\
      Nope, no more heavy drinking for me although I do like a few beers now and then.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. In my case it was also Saturday, October12th. 31 years. Am I happy? 😉

  3. Ooops

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