Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Finished installing free AVG anti-virus on my Tab 2, Droid X, and Carolyn’s phone. Here is a Kaspersky article about growth and threats from mobile viruses. I still don’t feel safe but I do feel safer.

Yesterday was Master Sam’s second birthday; I wanted to do a blog for him but by the time the hospital medical establishment got through with me in my pre-op tests, interviews, and money rendering I was too tired for much of anything. I have an appointment with the surgeon assistant in a few days for more of the same. We stopped at Burger King for a late lunch and I had the Memphis pulled-pork barbecue sandwich and Carolyn had a barbecue rib sandwich. They both were good but should have been larger for a satisfying meal. Anyway, a belated Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!

Late Sunday my PC suddenly shut down; I was able to restart it but it was soon down again, finally coming to the point where it would not restart. I built the unit several years ago and was able to think my way through a bit of diagnostics, deciding the power supply had failed. I immediately ordered a new power unit from Amazon which I received on Tuesday. I already had the old supply removed and eagerly and temporarily plugged in all the connections and put electric to it. The PC started fine and has been working ever since. JJ permanently installed the new unit inside the PC and all is well in computer land. I am glad I did not have to build a new PC; I just do not have the money for it right now. As it is, it cost less than $50 for the repair, including one-day shipping for the power supply. A computer repair shop fix would have been in the range of $200 — $300.

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  1. Yes, belated Happy Birthday for Master Sam!!!
    I’m glad that you’re closer and closer to your surgery, my friend. It seems you’re in good shape. I’m sure everything will go well.
    If my PC brakes down I will send it to you to US. 😉
    Happy Independence Day!

    • I need to be stronger than I am but until surgery is over I cannot exercise like I need to.
      I can fix your PC. 🙂
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. I fear my computer is going to need replacement soon. I have had this for many years so who knows. Guess it will be laptop time when this one goes away.

    • Laptops are convenient but they are pricey to repair.
      Thanks, Mark.

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