Boys and berries

Typical hippie/stoner music from the day

Ashley and the boys are staying with us for awhile. My days are filled with either entertaining Sammy or with Mason on my lap or both things at once. Sammy’s favorite Youtube actor is … Sammy. He loves most of the videos I made of him, especially ones with music. Mason is spoiled and wants to sit up all the time. They are with Chris for the remainder of the afternoon.

In college I was assigned to read Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. I knew it was classic American literature but when I tried to read it I had problems with the language of the times and the Yankee view of life in that period. I ended up borrowing a copy of Cliff’s Notes which allowed my to get a passing grade for the course. About two weeks ago I decided to tackle reading the entire book; it is easier going this time but still a slow read. Thoreau was a remarkable man and he has come to symbolize our need for nurturing the natural world. Besides, anyone who can enjoy eating groundhog has to be a special person.

It has been a very wet spring in these hills; grass is almost as green and lush as it was in mid-April. Blackberry briars in the backyard are laden with green fruit even though there was not as many blossoms as last year. Somehow that don’t make sense but I suppose it is what it is.

Looks like I am going to have to visit an auto mechanic to have my knee fixed; the medical profession surely is not interested in that line of work.

Wish I was able to be out and about this glorious weekend.

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  1. Love this music.
    Bad days for me. I’m ill. It’s serious cold. But my heart is smiling when I read your blog. I love how your life has changed. Now the boys are important part of your life. 🙂
    I must read more about Mr Thoreau. Short Wikipedia note seems to be v. intriguing.

    • Hope you are soon well, young lady. Summer colds are the worst.
      The boys are a blessing.
      Thoreau can be boring in his descriptions of the mundane parts of life but when it is all put together, he was an amazing man.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Do you mean Boysenberry? LOL

    • You caught my pun, Robin.
      Thanks. 🙂

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