Been down with a cold and some RA for the past few days Today is a bit better with the cold.

Alice’s granddaughter, Allie, graduated from University High School. Congratulations to her and proud granny Alice.

I still haven’t heard from the knee surgeon; I am clear for the operation. Just waiting and getting sorer.

Mark wrote a nice tribute for his good friend and brother-in-arms. Sorry for your loss, my friend. I as well as anyone know the heartbreak of parting with dear friends when they are so young.

Back to bed for me.

Have a great week.


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  1. Try to write my comment on HTC. It is not easy. I wrote one note and it vanished. I will try later. xo
    I must learn this app. Ufff.

  2. I’m here again; on my PC.
    You are sad my friend and I’m sad too. Waiting for the surgery is difficult. Please call your knee surgeon if it’s possible.
    I’m sorry for Mark’s loss. I could read it on his FB wall.
    Fine news about Alice’s granddaughter. Good education is the best gift for out children.

    • Takes awhile to get used to doing things with small phones and tablets.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind works about Allie. Step granddaughter Kelssie
    graduated from Science Hill Saturday.
    Are you feeling any better?
    Praying you feel better and get to have your knee surgery soon.

    • I will mention Kelssie when I get back to the blog.
      I am feeling so-so; I just don’t feel very durable these days.
      Thanks, Alice.

  4. Thanks Ken. Great song as a tribute especially with lovely Emmy.

    One of the displeasures of life.

    Hope you feel better and get that operation soon.

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