I was wrong about my Roku; it had only a 90 day warranty. For the price of the device, they should stand behind it for at least one year. Nothing they suggested for me to do worked and I am seemingly stuck with an $80 plastic hockey puck. It worked for eight months. C’est la vie!

Blackberry briars are blooming which means we should have a cool snap in the weather. I hope it means we have a lot of jam and jelly and cobblers and dumplings.

Plenty of t-storms yesterday and last evening. Nothing like ‘the delicate sound of thunder’.

The Stroll dance … yes, I well remember it; no, I never did it.


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  1. Was it a dance of your youth? Very nice. I hope to dance with you after your surgery, my friend. 🙂
    I’ve made most of my May analyses. What a a relief!

    • I think adults invented this dance to make sure the boys and girls hardly touched each other. I might be able to handle the stroll after my knee is fixed.
      Hope your last May week isn’t too bad, Jola. 🙂

  2. The fact a corporation can not stand behind a product for one year is pathetic. Another symptom of what is wrong with our dollar driven world.

    Fresh blackberries are awesome.

    • We are still working on the box with software updates. Meanwhile, I bought the new Roku 3 and it works fine. If I get the old one fixed, I will use in living room.
      I’d love to pick several gallons of berries this year.
      Thanks, Mark.

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