You gonna eat that cornbread

Heart doctor gave me the ok for medium-risk surgery, such as knee replacement. Waiting on his report to go through channels. Hopeful for surgery by early next month.

Maggie flattered the ‘aw shucks’ out of me by graciously placing one of my photos and a couple of my poetry attempts on her site. If you go there, do some clicking around; she is a multi-talented young lady. How she finds time for all her projects is a mystery to me.  Thank you, my friend.

Jeremy is building a storefront on which will feature my photo efforts. When he has it ready to view, I will let you know. What a good grandson; I don’t know what his future holds but I truly believe he will  become a great entrepreneur. He is another who gets a lot done in short time. Thank you, Grandson.

With all the hard news happening in the world, what was CNN featuring last evening? O.J. Simpson in a courtroom, of course. OJ had his fling 19 years ago; let it be, CNN.

Almost Friday …


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  1. Next month is a close date. I think of your surgery, my friend. Maggie is nice if she placed your photos and your poems on her site. I also look forward to Jeremy’s store.
    I watched the video. Native Americans were so beautiful and proud.

    • I am flattered that Maggie and Jeremy thought of me.
      Maybe someday Native Americans can get their lands back and fix the problems we immigrants inflicted upon the country.
      Thank you, Young Lady. 🙂

      • You deserves the best.
        By the way, this is comment sent from my smart phone. 🙂

      • You are doing great withthe smartphone. You are the smart one.
        Thanks, Jola 🙂

  2. My pleasure to have your work on my page… thank YOU!
    The soon surgery date is good news!

    • I can almost feel the missing pain already.
      Thank you, Maggie.

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