Tuesday …

The recent seizure of Associated Press telephone documents is the most chilling thing I can remember being inflicted upon the citizens of this once great country by our own government, even worse than Watergate and Iran-gate. How low can Obama and his cronies go? How stupid can he be? First, he (his administration) has the Internal Revenue Service unlawfully making life difficult for his political enemies and now he has been caught restricting freedom of the press; both of these acts are deplorable, unconstitutional, and impeachable. I cannot wait until this evening to see how MSNBC’s top guns (Obama lovers) handle this one. If the president is allowed to get by with this grievous political move, it will eventually mean that citizens will have to turn to illegally published underground papers for a few grains of truth about our rulers. If we allow this abomination to persist, we are building our own Iron Curtain.

Barbara Walters is retiring from her celebrity interviews. Goodbye.

My thanks to Mark for the music video.

When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday – no matter what happened Tuesday.
~Stephen Colbert



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  1. American affairs I don’t know too much. I was working a lot during last days and I haven’t watched CNN.
    Love the street musicians and always help them a bit (a few zlotys) if I only can. 🙂

    • Street musicians are one of the few things I miss about not living in a big city.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. And we wonder why the gun nuts want to keep their guns.

    • That is exactly the same thing I was thinking.
      Thanks, Mark.

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