Culinary tramping

They still make Squirt soft drinks. Squirt was never very popular in this area except as a mixer but I think they are the best citrus drink made. I haven’t seen any in years but I bet the local night spots have them. I first came across the brand while tramping in West Virginia in 1970; it mixes well with bourbons and blended whiskeys.

Another brew I discovered in W.Va. was Stroh’s beer. It is a Detroit beer and was more popular in West Virginia than was even the mighty Budweiser. Stroh’s was an ok beer and actually much better than the bitter Bud but I will stick to my Miller High Life. A couple of brews I first tried in Pennsylvania were Rolling Rock and Iron City beers. I liked Iron City ok, but Rolling Rock’s taste reminded me of how cow pee smells. My mother-in-law liked it.

I enjoyed my time tramping–except in Georgia–and could have liked living about anywhere I went with little problem. Southern Maryland was too far from the hills and I once spent 70 days straight there. They had great, fresh sea food and the best root beer I’ve ever bought. Still don’t make up for the lack of tall oak trees on a high ridge, though.

Mark is going to have one of his photos of his house seen nationwide. Bravo television will be using it in a documentary film. Congratulations, my friend.

Are you ready for the weekend?


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  1. Can’t imagine such my life: that’s I’m tramping. I think it was not easy, my friend. But you had many adventures, you could know many different people and taste different drinks. 🙂
    Why don’t you like Georgia?
    My congrats to Mark.
    I had to take a part of my work to home. But – yes! – I’m ready for the weekend.

    • I liked tramping and seeing new places and meeting new people but I didn’t like being away from home so much. The pay was good, though.
      Georgia was hot and humid; I was working several miles south of Atlanta in an area where I don’t think they have ever had a cooling breeze. Not much but pine trees and nearly flat land. Coming home through the mountains on Friday evenings was the best part of the trip.
      Have a great weekend, Jola. 🙂

      • There was no work in Tennessee?

      • There was some work in Nashville and Memphis but not much locally. I could travel north a few hundred miles into Ohio Valley and make a lot more than I could by traveling about the same distance to Nashville. Cost of living in W. Va. was a lot less than around Nashville. Made sense at the time.
        Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. I drank many a pony Rolling Rock back in college. Many of them.

    I think tramping will be making a larger comeback as the economy stays the same.

    • Rolling Rock does the trick, for sure.
      America has had it too easy for too long; hobos, tramping, and migrant white workers will become more commonplace.
      Thanks, Mark.

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