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Sammy and Mason visited for an hour or so last evening. I was hopping around on the crutches and Sammy wasn’t too happy about it. Carolyn was at work so I had to get his toys and entertain him the best I could. Mason laughed at me.

I would like to say the lousy, wet weather we are having is typical of early May and it is up to a point. The problem is that it is lasting much too long. The ninth of May has always been our last frost day but like a couple of years ago when it frosted on the fifteenth, I am not so certain about this gardening season. Anyway, it all keeps my sinuses clogged.

The first week in May is almost over and it will be autumn before we know it. I am longing to get this knee fixed so I can get out and live a bit.

Have a Tuesday!


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  1. You hopping on the crutches, the toys and the Babies; I almost see it all. Hope you weren’t alone, my friend, and someone helped you a bit.
    Lovely weather in Warsaw; sunny, warm and rather dry. I only regret May is always so hard month in my office.

    • Ashley and Sam were here but Sammy came to the office where I was and started bossing me around. 🙂
      One good thing; you are young and May in the office doesn’t last forever.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Sinus has been a problem. Too cold and wet for May. Crappy spring. Bet Summer hits hard when it gets here.

    • There is a lot of water in the ground here; should be some super-muggy days here this summer.
      Thanks, Mark.

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