Teach your children well

In our great society, even 5-year-olds are allowed to own and bear firearms
I don’t think even Hitler stooped this low. Was this kid part of a “well regulated militia”?
What kind of parent would allow a small child to even be around something like a rifle which is made for one thing: killing?  I’m sure the NRA approves of this type of weapon usage.

Supposed to rain all weekend; maybe some shooting next weekend.

Hope Mark has a successful yard sale.

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  1. A rifle as a birthday gift for 5 years boy?! What a stupidity! What a tragedy!
    Supposed to rain all weekend in Poland too. Anyway I still hope to make some photos of spring blossoms.
    Pretty song. I’m glad I can follow the lyrics. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Sad and pathetic. How does the kid deal with this when he begins to understand what he did.

    • People like this never think of the consequences.
      Thanks, Mark.

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