Shades of Pale

These are thoughts I conceive at night between sleep periods; I sit on side of bed and type them into the tablet PC. All are unedited. The last one sounds interesting. I may use some of these in future efforts on this blog.

Mac is the kind of person who comes along too few times in life but who changes us and our futures for the good. He doesn’t dwell with us for very long but makes a subtle yet profound difference in how we live the remainder of our lives. He becomes one of the foundation blocks of whom we will become


Final right of passage. No indifferent nursing home just because you don’t like us enough to care for us. Don’t feel obliged to us as the reason you take care of us. We are still human and we know when we are loved. It would be better to die from exposure to elements than from heartbreak of exposure to a cold heart from one we’ve loved and trusted.


Don’t try to walk in my shoes; they never were very comfortable


Book of Numerals — The Cooties Chronicles

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  1. Was it night of sad thoughts? You call it ‘passage”, my friend. It’s interesting. Actually, we need someone who loves at every stage of our life.
    A Whiter Shade of Pale. Beautiful song. Thanks for the video.

    • Not really, although some are sad at times. I was reading an article on how much old folk are neglected at times of their direst need. I awoke with it on my mind and wrote the notes. There are more notes; some happy and some sad.
      Joe does the song very well I wish he could find something to do with his hands while he sings. 🙂
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Always loved that song, gives chills up my back !

    • Yes, that is a song that seems to stick with people.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  3. The one about shoes sounds like something Sy would write in the Sun.

    • I need to get over to the Sun site and re-subscribe.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. He should put paint on his fingers and have a canvas on each side.
    He can do abstract paintings with his finger paintings through each song.

    The backup singer outfits are just awful. 🙂

    • Good idea on the finger abstracts.
      Bad disco-days clothes.
      Thanks, Mark.

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