Like the Dogs of War video, I feel muted

I was planning a diatribe about our American spineless government for today, but I am so disgusted–not surprised–over yesterday’s Senate vote I’ve come to the conclusion that average Joe Six-pack don’t really care. Maybe we each should buy an AK-47 to protect ourselves from each other. Again, please read Mark’s blog poem and listen to the Monster.

After reading some of the hype about a book titled The Hunger Games, I decided to watch the movie last evening. The acting was good but the plot was much déjà vu from other sources. I hope the book is better but I doubt it. I rate it at 2.5 out of a possible 5. Talented actors saved it from being a “2”.


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  1. I have been working over one of municipal resolutions and I hoped it would be adopted today. But it wasn’t. I’m so disappointed, and tired. 😦
    Yes, there is no sound.

    • Hope your Friday was better than Thursday, my fiend.
      Video tells a good story even without sound. Silence should be the only sound war makes.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. The Hunger Games was good, could have been better. Lots of it filmed in North Carolina.

    We have very weak leadership and it starts in the White House the moves Harry Reid. No balls to stand for Americans right to a peaceful life on the homefront.

    • I figured the mountain vistas were Southern Appalachian. The gel who played lead is very pretty.
      Democrats need strong leadership like R’s have but not as shitty.
      Thanks, Mark.

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