Once again I have been overlooked for consideration of being honored with a Pulitzer Prize and I think it is sad when a writer of any caliber has to publish an entire book of fillers like ‘the’ and ‘them’ and ‘they’ modified and punctuated by a paltry few words or phrases with real cognizability of purpose or clue to a semblance of a sensible or sensuous climax or an ending causing readers to crave more, or to pen an esoteric short story which stands erect and tall on its brief clarity only to be considered by a few paid dolts whom are constipated with pomposity and use skewed but semi-ambidextrous verbosity which has been handed down from generation to generation of hack newsmen calling themselves “literary” critics in an attempt to pull such lilting prose into their dark, oozing prisons of flaccid sentence phalluses all petered out and shorn of their will to make a difference in the thoughts of literati or the amusement of the paperback masses.
Ah well; there is always the Ignoble Prize for Literature to look forward to.

Mark has a very good blog today with a music video we all need to heed.


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  1. Uffffff. It’s Polish sigh, my friend. 🙂
    Busy day; I will go to Mark’s blog on weekend.

  2. Heh-heh. I doubt anyone, including me, understands this post.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. You are saying an author who is a wordsmith does not make a Pulizter Prize writer just because some literary pundit says so.

    You are correct.

    • I think so. 🙂
      Thanks, Mark.

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