Karma … it comes and goes

Three well known people died this past week; one I loved, one I liked, and one I detested. Much like many other newly-teened boys, I had a crush on Annette Funicello, my darling Mouseketeer. Later on when she began starring with Frankie Avalon in Beach Party movies, I realized my dream of  marrying her were but fantasies. No wonder teenagers freak out so much. Annette died at age 70. Jonathan Winters, a comedian with wry mind and a good heart, also passed. I liked him a lot. Lastly, Margarette Thatcher passed. She was the one time Ronald Reagan clone of British politics. I won’t miss her.

Sammy and Mason are due here for the day tomorrow.

Visited orthopedic surgeon this morning; sometime between a few weeks and a year from now, I will have a new knee. If my heart passes muster the surgery will be soon but if not, it may be a year or a bit longer before the knee is fixed.

Friday the 13th comes on Saturday this month, so says Churchy’s Almanac. This is normally not a good thing unless there is a special celebration on Saturday and don’t you know, we just happen to have a birthday to observe tomorrow. We shall see.



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  1. I could see the film The Iron Lady one year ago (or a bit more). It was v. interesting.
    Hope you will have your surgery within a few weeks, my friend.
    I love tomorrow Saturday. 🙂

  2. Annette good, Jonathan good and Maggie not good. Many English despise her, a whole lot.

    • I think she had enemies all over the once British Empire.
      Thanks, Mark.

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