Two for One



I wanted to do a regular blog Saturday but the cable company had other ideas. Internet was off until late in the day and TV was not viewable until sometime that night. I was pissed about the net and Carolyn was pissed because she couldn’t watch Hopalong Cassidy. I really didn’t have much to do on the net anyway, but I get antsy when I know I can’t have it. I finally rigged up a useable connection via of connecting tablet Bluetooth to cell phone Bluetooth.Β  At least the tablet screen was big enough for most things.

I was offline most of the day yesterday. Carolyn drove me around Wilbur and Watauga lake areas; we both needed to get away from the house. Didn’t get any decent pics but I had my big zoom lens back on the Pentax. Since the time I was very sore last year until now, I’ve been using nothing but the 50mm; it is a lightweight and easier for sore fingers to hold. Every one of the photos I made was from the Escape window except I made a couple in Jonesborough through the windshield.

When you can’t get the photo you want, you must want the photo you get.

Seems we have jumped from mid-winter directly into mid-spring in just a couple of days. I am a happy boy in the sunshine of your smile.



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  1. Yes, it’s a strange feeling when we can’t have the net. I immediately call my cable company.
    I like what you wrote: “Carolyn drove me around Wilbur and Watauga lake areas; we both needed to get away from the house”. I’m happy you had such good trip. πŸ™‚
    Winter was long, cold and gloomy. I didn’t use my camera too much. I share your joy my friend. It’s good to hold the camera and the lenses in our hands again. Big zoom lens I call ‘a long lens’. But I hope you understand my Flickr explanation. How should I call my lens: 18 – 55 mm? Small zoom lens? In English it’s a bit complicated for me.
    Spring is so late in my part of Europe. But we enjoy its every sign.

    • Carolyn and i both had a good day but we both tired easily, though. I was happy to get back to the house.
      We call them “long lens” to but big zoom was all I could think of at the time; I had a senior moment. πŸ™‚
      I’ve seen the 18 – 55mm called a ‘kit lens’ because it comes as the standard lens with most cameras when they are bought. Your English is much better than you think it is.
      Late spring. Anticipation is the pretty wrapping on the gift. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

      • …’kit lens’ … I like it. I also like your ‘senior moment’. πŸ™‚

      • When the time comes, I hope you like your “senior moments” as well as you do mine. ;-)))
        Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

  2. Thankfully I have not had problems getting on the net since last year when i called over and over again and made myself a pain. Amazing what changing cable wiring can do.

    Was mostly home this weekend. No money for anything. Chores that can be done and napping to do.

    • We had enough money for a few gallons of gas and I knew Sammy and mason were to be here next weekend so I did it while I could.
      God to have a helper like Summer for chores and especially napping.
      Thanks, Mark.

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