Should I answer the phone?

A Facebook phone is coming soon. It is basically like any other smartphone HTC makes but this one will be special in that the home screen reflects your Facebook page and it is interactive. I don’t want one, thank you. In fact I am slowly moving to Google+. I like its setup  and its “circles” of friends. Easy to connect with other people with the same likes as you. With this phone, FB should be able to know where you are 24 hours each day, know whom you are with, and know what you are doing. Imagine if you can; in the middle of having wild sex, your phone says diddle-de-blinkity and ads for Viagra, Trojans, and a Book of Lies to Tell Your Wife pops up on the screen.


I have begun my last story and this is the first written draft:

I desire the touch of a true friend to walk this last mile with me; the path is clear but old legs seem to weaken and stumble even on the commonest ground. Please take my hand in yours. I won’t bore you with endless natter about life wasted or years enjoyed; instead, I want to listen to you speak of life, the small things which is making it be “your life”. Smile and guide me by fresh morning lilacs and afternoon roses; accompany me to pale evening irises and by midnight honeysuckle. Let soft April rain cover my face with gentle, wet kisses. There; wild strawberries along the path and I must have some of them on my tongue as I hear a little sparrow singing from the bushes. When we have made our way far enough and as I begin to feel the tug of darkness which awaits, hold my hand a little tighter. No, this is not melancholy I wipe from my cheeks but only dew drops from the cooling air. I am not afraid of the unknowable where fireflies do not play; my time is nigh to be a part of the dark. Please, one last embrace, one gentle hug from you my friend before I step over the threshold of memory. Thank you, my friend; the touch of my fingers will slip away from your hand and you must turn and go. There are others who need a friend and one day soon enough you will be asking a trusted soul to walk with you. May you passage be as sweet as you have made mine.



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  1. Beautiful; and no more comment. I’m too moved.

    • Facebook cellphones move me also, my friend. 🙂

  2. You’re right, a new generation of phones is arriving. I have had my first smartphone a few days ago and my life has changed radically: the best, I have always the needed information on my hand; the worst, I feel that someone is always looking at me, perhaps God? 😉
    I like what you are writing but I’ll wait until you finish. It sounds very well.
    Have a nice week. A big hug from your friend Albert, writing from Porto, Portugal, with my new sp.

    • Well, friend Albert, you may as well get yourself a tablet PC. I’ve had my smartphone for 2.5 years and last year I bought a Samsung tablet and now the smartphone is only used for making phone calls. Things are changing too fast.
      I know how you feel about someone always looking at you; Facebook does that to me.
      Have fun in Porto, Albert. A big hug and cold beer(s) await you if you ever come to US.

  3. Now way I am getting a Facebook phone. FB is creepy enough as it is.

    You could take what you wrote as it is and submit it to “Sun”. I just found out that you, Tammy and myself read it. The odd connections of life.

    • The Sun, in my bloated opinion, is the best literary magazines around.
      Good idea; I haven’t had a rejection slip for my files in years.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. It is very well done.

    The rejection slips would make a good photo. Maybe even frame them.

    • It would take a big camera; I’ve enough rejections slips to wallpaper a living room.
      Thanks for your encouragement, my friend.

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