Pieces of April

Mason stayed with us last night. He slept in our bed. He is a very noisy little man.

Hopefully one day this week I will pen my final story. Don’t worry as it will be very short and sweet.

Seems like spring has arrived in these hills; if the forecast holds true, the weekend coming will be glorious.

Lack of sleep and eye allergies have me grounded on this first day of April. Please be patient with my blogging; I know it must be addictive for all of you.

Carolyn says I have to have a haircut and take a bath before I have surgery.

Those who are virtuous by their own mouths have little of it in their hearts.


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  1. For Catholics it is Easter Monday. Pope Francis (whom we love more and more) told us during morning mass: “Enjoy Easter. Have a good dinner”. We had a good family dinner (potatoes, a piece of pork baked with plums and spring salad). Strange Easter. White Easter. A lot of snow around. First such Easter in my life.
    Mason in your bed? Did you feel like a young daddy? 😉 It’s a bit risky sleeping with a baby. Babies are so tiny. But I remember that first nights when I gave birth to a child it was cold in our house and I was sleeping with my daughter – baby in our one warm bed.
    Thank you for the video. I understand the lyrics if they are written. Written English is much more clear for me than its spoken version.
    Please give me a piece of your warm Tennessee April. Love this English word: ‘glorious’. There are English words which are simply sweet and I love to play with them. ‘Glorious’ is one of them. 🙂
    Have a good sleep next night, my friend.

    • I’ve learned something new; “Easter Monday”. Thank you. 🙂
      No need to worry; I didn’t sleep. Mason did enough for both of us. By 5:00 am this morning, I felt like a very, very old man.
      “Written English is much more clear for me than its spoken version.” Me too. 🙂
      I hope I can go “gloriously” into the mountains if it is pretty days.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. Those who are virtuous by their own mouths have little of it in their hearts. Did you show those words to Carolyn as you snuck out of reach of a good cuff. 🙂

    Bath yes, haircut no.

    Good that Mason is hanging out at your home.

    Last story?

    • If Carolyn saw those words it wasn’t by my hand. I’ve learned a little in the 50 years I’ve known her. 🙂
      Everyone has a last story but actually, it was April Fools Day when I wrote that.
      I’m going to try to watch Lady Vols and that bird team tonight. Man, ain’t Baylor’s coach a cry baby? Even if the V. Ladies get to the final four, they have not beat a team ranked higher than them this year. I don’t see UConn getting beat if they play a whole game.
      Thanks, Mark

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