Sammy was here all day yesterday. He won. He had Carolyn and I both ready for the knockout when he left us. We began his entertainment with Pink Floyd of course and then moved to Tedeschi and Trucks via Mark’s blog. That was fine with him. I decided to apply a bit of KISS with a closeup of Paul Stanley in makeup. That was all it took to send Sammy running to his granny’s lap. A good day for all three of us.

Rain today and snow tonight.

Fer Shur!

Fer Shur!

Have any of you seen the comet? I saw it shortly after it swung into the evening sky but it was a bit hard to locate. Not as bright as I thought it would be but still brighter than anything round it other than the new moon. I may have missed it if it had not been fuzzy looking.

I will wait until the last minute to file our taxes; the wars will still be in session. I don’t know what I hate most; my tax money going to pay for wars which help no one except corporations or my tax money being handed out to subsidize those same corporations.

Which paragraph above is not justified text?

Have a great final week in March!


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  1. Love this little sparrow and his hat. I don’t know what happened that winter doesn’t want to leave us. Still frosty and snowy days in Poland. I’m on the verge of depression.
    Haven’t seen the comet. Dark & cloudy sky.
    You’re so happy every time if you can spend your time with Sammy. I love it. 🙂

    • I am with you on the depression. I look out the window and see sunny skies on a lot of days and a lot of daylight hours and I wonder how it can still be so cold.
      The Boss keeps us all entertained.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. If Kiss is too much then King Diamond is out of the question.
    Phil the Rodent needs a punch in the head. He screwed up bad this year.

    Have not seen the comet.

    Got to go. Summer is barking and growling at me. Needs to be petted.

    • He didn’t care for Dee Snider either.
      Phil does his best with the conditions that prevail. 🙂
      Is Summer still limping?
      Thanks, mark.

  3. Limping yes, varies day to day. Still coughs. Seems happy though.

    • I suppose it is just a part of Summer’s age.
      Thanks, Mark.

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