Long road

I now have my taxes about 70 percent completed; I spent nearly seven hours on them yesterday. Foreclosure on our old house is a major exercise in tax code foolishness.

New black, metal roof. Hope to have a photo later.

A couple weeks ago a person known to my daughter beat her extensively. No one has been convicted of a crime but someone is awaiting a jury trial for the deed. My daughter has a broken nose, broken cheek bones around her eye sockets, and a lot of dark bruises yet to heal. She may lose partial vision in one eye and her nose will remain crooked.

I need a Sammy fix; haven’t seen The Boss in awhile.

Snowed last night.

Have a good Thursday, my friends.

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  1. This time I can’t click “like”. How is it possible that this “person” beat her daughter so much. Is it really a ‘person’? Rather a MONSTER which should be punished severely.

    I miss Sammy too. I’m glad you have a new roof. It’s snowing in Warsaw too.

    • The guy must have been drunk, crazy, and mean.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. Damm, that’s some bad stuff. Gonna be a tough recovery. Hopefully she comes through alright.
    That dude is in some serious trouble.

    Black metal roof. Bet it looks nice. Fry an egg on it in August.

    You need to get Sammy his own blog.

    • I just hope she won’t be around him anymore when he gets out.
      August should be interesting.
      Good idea on a Sammy blog.
      Thanks, Mark

  3. Hopefully you are right and some jail time may help.

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