Pope Francis

Unknown ladiesPhoto from my Grandmother

Unknown ladies
Photo from my Grandmother

I won’t do it! I will not refer to and defer to my wife as Pope Francis because her middle name is “Francis”. Not even Pope-ette Francis. And no way is she going to make me wear a red skull cap around the house. Hell no! It’ll be a long journey for me until the next Pope is elected.

Spring will never get here. I believe the new ice age has begun but it will hopefully take a few years before the first glaciers arrive in East Tennessee. They didn’t come quite this far south last ice age but they surely will this time just because I’m here. There goes the ol’ global warming bit.

Have a tarantism Thursday!

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  1. First Pope who is a monk: Jesuit. There are Jesuits also in Warsaw. I meet them sometimes. They wear brown habits.
    I think a new Pope wants to be like Francis of Assisi. Please tell Carolyn that she has lovely patron saint. She may chose her Name Day: December 12, August 21 or April 25. Catholics love their patron saints and their name days.
    My friend … it’s such time when the Holy Spirit protects us. Spring will be soon, both in Warsaw and in Tweetsie. 🙂
    Like “unknown ladies”.

    • St. Francis was a very active man and got a lot of things organized for the church’s poor people. I will tell Carolyn that she has a name day.
      The Holy Spirit may protect us but I think a nice warm coat would be a comfort, too. Sunny but cold today. Good comparison to unknown ladies. Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Who’s the Pope in your house?

    • Carolyn is Pope. I am a low Cardinal.

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