Washington, D.C. 1913Women's suffrage march on Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 1913
Women’s suffrage march on Pennsylvania Avenue

What is it with women, give them the right to vote and they think they have to scold a man over an innocent but well earned burp. A beer and pizza burp. Lots of garlic. Just as she turns over with her face toward mine in bed. I should’ve worn shin pads and face guard. A man ought to have rights other than the right to remain silent.

Lech Walesa sure screwed around with his legacy by claiming gays have little or no roles to play in Poland’s government. He is now just another old man.

We’ve had some serious weather this past week but not one bit of it was springlike. One day was wind gusts more than 70mph (113 kilometer/hr.) which ripped shingles off our roof and knocked the power out for a few hours. High winds and hard rain are not unusual for changing seasons, but the weather is usually a lot warmer when it happens and then it cools down quickly. This time it was cold before, during, and after the storm. Lots of rain this winter but there is no break in the colder than normal temperatures in sight. It has been snow showers for the past two days. I need some porch time.

Have a good Worshday, my gentle friends.

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  1. Burp?! Beer, pizza and garlic burp?! Oh!!! But You wrote about it such funny way that I was laughing a long time (my daughter asked me: mum, what happened?). Sorry for my words, maybe not too much gentle, but first paragraph of your today blog says us all about an old couple. God … your “burrrrp” made my day. 🙂
    I could listen to a whole interview (on TV). Walesa was talking nonsense. Gays are not in Polish government but they they are (a few of them) in Polish parliament and nobody claims that they shouldn’t have been there. I wonder what really Walesa thinks. He always has had problems with his clumsy language. His son Jaroslaw (his youngest son, well educated, a member of governing party) says that he is ashamed of his father words.
    Your porch time is my balcony time. I miss it too.

    • A good hearty burp is needed for excellent health. 🙂
      There are a lot of working people around the world whom were inspired by Walesa’a actions to back up his words. Many–including myself–thought of him as a hero.
      Almost warm enough today for some outside sitting in the sun.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • Walesa was a hero when he was young. I admired him during strikes in 1980 and in 1993 when forced Soviet Army to leave our country.
        There were great moments in life of Walesa. Now he is “another old man”, a bit stubborn, a bit embittered and not enough careful when he expresses his views publicly.
        I keep my fingers crossed for your porch time. 🙂

      • I hope the rest of Poles worldwide are as understanding about Walesa as are you.
        Thanks, Jola.

  2. Odd spring. Has been colder the last few weeks than most of the winter.

    Plenty of windy days and WNC has been getting snow of some sort every day for the last week.

    Lech is 69. Not old enough to be out of touch. He has said some odd things the last few years. Maybe he is slipping.

    • This weather change scares me a bit. The movie “Day After Tomorrow” may be nearer reality than many people think.
      Thanks, Mark.

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