Horse burgers

Europe is undergoing a bit of panic because of horse meat allegedly being mixed with beef and being sold to the public. Well, I’m here to tell you that horse meat ain’t all that bad and when mixed with beef in the correct proportion, it is much better than beef alone. When I was a kid, there was a burger joint which sold the best sandwiches in town but it had a reputation of using some horse meat mixed with beef for the meat patties. I’m not saying it is true about the rumor but once it was out and about, the little restaurant’s business declined to where it finally had to close. After 30 years, it reopened on the same spot but by then, demographics of shifting population insured it could not succeed. However, Steve and I did sample the burgers and they seemed to taste the same as I remembered them form the 1950’s. Do I believe the food contained horse meat? I doubt it it did. Most likely the rumor sprang from a competitor and the unique flavor of the burgers came from spices known only to the proprietor but they were tasty even if they once did pull a plow.

I am about sick of the Danica Patrick hoopla. For one thing, she is a cutie-pie but has never asked me for a date. Second, NASCAR and its talking heads press corps have her on a throne–watch out Vatican, she could be elected Pope by the racing crowd. Third, she is a cutie-pie but has never asked me for a date. Actually, I think she and immensely popular Dale Earnhardt Jr. should breed up a few kids; any one of their brats could easily be a world dictator or at least King of the South. Oh Danica, please ask me for a date! Another thing, why is junior so popular? He hasn’t won many races; he doesn’t drive the Budweiser car, and he has come nowhere close to winning a championship. Of course, he is daddy’s boy and daddy had a big reputation as a red neck bad guy who gave no quarter on the track. Junior inherited the adoration of the fans when his dad was killed; he certainly hasn’t earned it. Okay Danica, you can play hard to get for now but I’ll be here when you come begging.

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  1. I’m hungry! Don’t know anything about horse meat (of course I read the news) and has never taste it. Some people eat horse meat because they think that it’s healthy food. I usually buy chicken meat, pork or veal.
    It was a piece of news about this lady on Polish TV. But she is rather unknown in my country. Danica Patrick. OK. I will try to remember it. 🙂

    • Sometimes I wonder just what we do eat.
      I think that if Danica Patrick wasn’t pretty that she would not get so much attention.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. Hello
    No problem with the horse meat, I eat it many times because it has a different taste. I love when my wife makes us some sandwiches with it and onions and a delicious Mediterranean sauce. The problem is that major distributors of meats and ready meals have not put on their labels the correct composition, therefore, there is a food fraud. Lower prices of horse meat? Possibly.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Horse is eaten in many parts of the world and was just ok’d after a five year ban in the United States.

    We eat many things much worse than horse meat on a daily basis. Really much is barely even food. More like chemically flavored artery clogging, hospital enriching flavored death matter.

    Danica is good for Nascar’s spank bank.

    • Thanks for the link and info. I would not knowingly eat horse meat nor buffalo nor camel, nor a lot of other things which are acceptable. I guess it is pig and cow for me.
      There are 42 Pesticide Residues Found in APPLES by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.
      Thanks, Mark.

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