Feed the Byrds

Friday the 13th is on Wednesday this month; odd … very odd …

Be sure to put out food for the birds in this wet weather. Robins are like the rest of us; they don’t like for their worms to get soggy and limp. They eat small pieces of fruit when normal stuff isn’t available.

Mark reminded me that anyone can be Pope of the Catholic Church, a fact I did not know until I read it in a Dan Brown novel. As big as the Catholic Church is, I have a feeling there is less known about how it works than is true of any other Western religion. I bet that most people whom have been life-long followers of the church do not really know too much concerning it. About all I know as an outsider is that it takes more than white smoke to be a Pope. Mysterium fidei.

Have a thoughtful Wednesday.


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  1. We were very proud when our priest Karol Wojtyła became the pope John Paul II in 1978. I was a student in my grammar school and I remember TV news. Communists in Moscow were very angry. 😉
    I don’t know another church than Catholic. I treat Rome as it was my second home. On the other hand I know that Catholic churches in Africa and South America are much more dynamic than our European one.
    I promise to prepare the fruits for my pigeons, sparrows and crows.
    Lovely video – song. Thank you!

    • I think about everyone liked John Paul II. We in America were also thrilled when he was elected; we knew the old men in Moscow would get their shorts in a knot.. 🙂
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. What you pick as your Pope name?

    • If I don’t have to stick to traditional pontiff names, I would be Pope Bubba. How ’bout your Pope name?
      Thanks, Mark.

      • Why Pope Pez, of course.

      • I figured Pez would be at least part of it.
        Thanks Mark.

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