A little peckerwood must thinking it is spring mating time; he was hammering beside my bedroom window this morning. I hope he has a lady friend before tomorrow morning. The days have been feeling springish in spite of this early date. lot of winter left to go, though.

Parts of Connecticut caught 38″ snow, nearly a meter. Marks parents got 30″. I am thinking of moving farther south; Rio sounds good.

Netflix has s series on called House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. I saw part one and liked it a lot. Although it is a drama, it should give some insight into how power is wielded out of public sight in Washington, D.C.

Sammy is here but he is sick.

Have a good Worshday, my friends.

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  1. There are pigeons on my balcony, or sparrows sometimes. Woodpecker would be very special guest. šŸ™‚
    I saw Mark’s photo on FB. Oh, yes, a lot of snow. But it seems the days are not too much frosty.
    I’m sorry Sammy is sick. What happened? I’m kissing gently his tiny palms.

    • Pigeons can cause a mess but sparrows are always welcome.
      He takes spells of vomiting but in between he seems ok and happy; he is ill this evening, though.
      Thanks, Jola. šŸ™‚

  2. They were supposed to get rain today to add to the nightmare. Lots of birds starting to show up.already.

    • I hope no one blames global warming for the mess.
      My little perckerwood must be awful horny; he is rattling the walls several times each morning.
      Thanks, Mark.

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