Stormy Weather

We are under tornado watch for another hour or so; could have straight-line winds of 60 mph (96 km/h). I listened to loud winds and rain all night and I look for the electric to fail.
Here is an idea that should put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work: Government and industry working together to put all of the country’s electrical and other utility wiring underground. Stipulate that eighty-percent (negotiable) of the materials and equipment used in the project be manufactured within our borders. Brilliant, Mr. Anderson!

Extra warm weather past two days; snow by Friday.

Have springtime thoughts on this Wednesday!

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  1. Weather is crazy here in Warsaw too. On Monday it was a severe frost, today is raining. Uffff. I think the government and Mr. Obama should follow Mr. Anderson’s social project. 😉 And they should pay you for this idea a lot of money, my friend. Please take care of yourself.

  2. Getting some serious wind gusts here right now. Caught a couple nasty ones driving home. Pushed the big truck pretty well. Talk about a momentary freak out.

    Fixing ALL of our infrastructure would easily fix the economy and keep it strong for many many years.

    • I bet the truck was dancing. Carolyn’s van is a problem too.
      Thanks, Mark.

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