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Sunny and cold today; supposed to be nearly 70°F (21°C) Tuesday but back to normal cold on Thursday. As the saying goes, “a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush”.

Got dry skin in the small of my back; I can reach most of it to scratch and apply lotion but there is one spot along my spine I cannot touch and it is making me crazy.

I finished reading the book Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel. It was pretty much a let-down ending. The author built the story around seemingly sinister happenings involving a book cult and ancient printing mysteries but the affair ended undramatically with nothing afoul underfoot or anywhere else. Disappointed I was.

If Obama is a liberal, I wonder what F.D.R. was? I’ll tell you what he was; F. Roosevelt was a president that swore to keep his word to the American people and he stepped on the feet of anyone who tried to prevent him from doing so including those in his own party. He was a man of personal wealth but a president of all the people. All Obama wants to do is “compromise”. He is yet to learn that he cannot compromise with greed and pure meanness; he must stomp on some toes before he can be a successful leader.

Have a good Satidy night and a great Sunday!

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  1. Is it day of Travis’s funeral. I’m so sorry that this little boy lost his dad. They are both so happy in this photo.
    Yes, sometimes our skin troubles are making us crazy. Please take care of yourself, my friend.

  2. Travis’s funeral was last evening and they buried him this morning.
    I’ll get it all scratched out sooner or later; it is winter dry skin.
    Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. dude my skin is insanely dry. If i do not use something on it I’ll itch myself insane. My feet do not like this at all.

    Obama should give back his Peace Prize. He is attempting to win liberals over by promising things on the social agenda all while he is working on making spying on us all that more legal in the eyes of the feds And we wonder why the “gun nuts” who hate Obama feel the way they do.

    • Gold Bond lotion works pretty good on dry itchy skin.

      Obama is using one or two good things to cover a bunch of bad things he has done.

      • Both statements are true.

  4. Eli looks a lot like Travis in the picture.

    • No denying that bloodline.
      Thanks, Mark.

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