Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Lots and lots of rain for the past two days and more to come. Flooding again on Dry Creek where they are still recovering from last year’s flood. Schools are being closed from fear of too much water moving down the ridges into the valleys. Our electric was off nearly three hours last evening; I was reminded of what advanced dark really looks like and it looks like nothing. I spent the time on the Tab reading a novel; yes, the world really does exist when there is no TV.

Carolyn has daffodils out of the ground same as in January last year.

Samsung finally issued the long awaited (by me) update to the Android operating system on the Tab. It is an incremental change which Google has named “Jelly Bean” but for me it is like having an entirely new tablet. The home screens’ interface has been changed and rearranged and everything is faster and smoother. Also, three more Angry Birds games have been added … Yee-Haw!

Thanks to Jola for the superb winter scene photo of her hometown.

Enough for today; have a Tuesday!


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  1. Housing estate where I live looks a bit like a suburb. Actually it’s close to Varsovian down-town (and my office); only 15 minutes of journey by tube. Lovely space where are abandoned orchards, ponds, ducks, old trees and cycle paths. I’m happy you like this photo.
    I remember last year’s flood and the serious damages. Hope it stops raining soon and you are all safe.
    Yes, the world exists without TV but it’s much worse if we lose our Internet access. I really hate it.
    D. likes Angry Birds too. I smile, Ken. 🙂

    • You make some fine photographs in snow, an art which I have yet to do right. Keep up the good work.
      This weekend is supposed to be sunny but cool.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Yup. Rain here for the last few days. More today and tomorrow. More on Thursday. Very odd weather. Some flowers coming up here as well.

    • You realize of course that none of this odd weather is caused by global warming?
      Thanks, Mark.

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