No Time

Pleasant, shirtsleeve temperature today; a bit of wind makes it a bit cool for porch sitting.

Sammy was here yesterday; his cold is lingering but he finally cut loose and was his happy self for a long time. He got a toy guitar for Christmas and he tries to play it like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. When Sammy is in this office, there must be a music video on my monitor or he will let me know that I am losing his respect. A whop from his broom turns my attention back entertaining him.
He is outgrowing his toys and clothes at a tremendous rate

Not much going on in the world, at least not anything I care to talk about.

Have a Gee Whiz Sunday!

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  1. Deep winter in Warsaw; white and cold. Time for sitting on the porch will be here in April or May.
    Sammy likes to be in your office, and it’s amazing how much he likes a good music. I love your Sammy’s videos.

    • Sammy does love music.
      Daffodils are out of the ground here.
      Thanks, Jola. šŸ™‚

  2. I saw the Guess Who in one of their versions in the mid 80’s. It was a good show even though it was not the original singers. Randy Bachman has a show I used to hear, on CBC radio, and his knowledge of music history is rather amazing.

    I like how he wops you with the broom if you are not paying enough attention.

    • I liked the Bachman brothers back in the day. Thanks for the update; I had lost track of them.
      Thanks, Mark.

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