Seeing stars


Mild temperatures but still no sunshine so far today. Looking forward to some porch weather.

I read that there is supposed to be a very bright comet visit this year. I hope it is at least as good as was the Hale-Bopp comet in the late 1990’s. It was low on the horizon in the estern sky at dawn until it swung around the sun and then was low in the western evening sky for several weeks. On many clear evenings at dusk I would drive off and stay gone for a few hours—Carolyn thought I was whoring or bar-hopping. Actually I was alone and headed for a hilltop well away from city light pollution where I could see nearly all the night sky. I don’t amaze easily but Hale-Bopp very much stirred my imagination. For me there is a mystic, celestial magic associated with night skies. I loved laying in my truck bed on summer evenings as the comet and shooting stars passed overhead. The beauty and mystery of constellation Sagittarius with the core of our great galaxy hidden within the dust of the Milky Way’s spiral arm; the Big Dipper in the north, red star Antares toward the south, greenish appearing Arcturus nearly overhead; all there to fire my sense of wonder and help me to set my place in the cosmos.
All of Nature contains astounding beauty but none so grand as the night sky.

Have a sublime Thursday!

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  1. Be my guide in the cosmos! Beautiful memory, Ken. You know so much about the night sky. I love almost every word you wrote today. 🙂
    It moves me that these small and yellow pills save your health, my friend. They’re known also in Poland.
    I with you could have a lovely porch weather. January is the coldest month in my country but today it was rather rainy day.

    • I even took Carolyn and my mom on one of my trips to watch Hale-Bopp; they both got bored pretty quickly. I made a lot of photos of the comet but none were any good.
      From mid-January to mid-February is our coldest period.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

  2. You can like that guy on PBS that does the star charts. With green hair you would be a hit.
    70 here for Sunday, maybe even Saturday. Flowers will start to bloom. i think 60’s all next week.
    Nope, no global warming.

    • Carolyn’s daffodils are out of the ground same as they were Jan. last year.

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