Day by day

The past two weeks have had an extra Monday each and there is Monday holiday coming later this month. Do they know how confusing all this is to geezers and other lovable creatures?

Armed police in schools? What next? National Guard in my bedroom? When I was a kid, we didn’t need police protection on duty in school because not every lame-dick jerk was allowed to own an assault rifle.

Google mail was not working yesterday on my Android phone nor on the Android tablet. Other folk are having trouble uploading photos to Blogger.

There is a possibility I will be using the net even less in the near future; I wish I could say it is because of knee surgery but that has been placed on indefinite hold. If I am off-line it will be due to PC surgery; I am either going to fix my slow Win XP OS which is eleven years old or I am going to have to install Win 7. Installing a new system like Windows 7 will be expensive; the program alone is $140 plus I will need a new hard-drive which will be about $100. Then comes the headache of installing software and getting everything the way I like it. Linux is a much cheaper and better alternative but I have a couple of needed Windows programs that will not function correctly on Linux.

Have a good what-ever-it-is day!

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  1. Please give me your extra Mondays, my friend. I will take them willingly. 😉
    I know that American teachers want to have gun at school because they don’t want to be helpless if someone crazy attack them and kids. I understand them, nevertheless a teacher with gun here – in Europe – would be something very strange.
    It’s a good idea to install Win 7. It’s rather complicated but I hope it will not take you too much of time and will be still here (on the net) using your tablet. 🙂

    • I don’t think the majority of American teachers approve of guns in school; they see first hand from the kids what guns can do to a family during domestic disputes.
      I’ll be on the net with the Tab or laptop whenever possible; I’ve already installed Win7 on the laptop.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. An interesting article and the comments. Thanks for the link, Ken.

    • You are welcome. 🙂

  3. If I will the lotto, I’ll buy you a new system. Now having the po-lice in schools sounds all well and good, but who pays for this? I’m pretty sure the already financially stressed Sheriff’s department isn’t going to be too happy to foot the bill to have their deputies roaming the school grounds, and what happens when the short-staffed police department can’t get to a 911 call in time? Sounds like opening a huge can of ugly worms to me.

    • I have my fingers crossed on you winning the lotto, Tammy. Lotto hasn’t been good to me; I have better luck betting on sports. I don’t think police in schools will be of much help; the shooters are usually there to die with their victims anyway. It is mostly a gimmick by the N.R.A. to sell more guns to newly hired police and you know who will pay for all this.
      Thanks, Tammy

  4. I need a new fan for my computer it is very noisy and i have cleaned out the dust.

    The gun debate is getting crazy. The wackos are coming out of the woods.

    • Should be able to get fan at Radio Shack for a few bucks.
      Yep, gun thing is a nest of snakes.
      Thanks, Mark.

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